The best reason to drag a Ford Fiesta

14 Ford Fiestas and a total of almost 6 meters. There’s an obvious joke in that sentence but we’ll ignore that and point out that they all traveled that distance for a very good cause.
Yep, over in the UK 14 Ford Fiesta’s were linked up together (hopefully with something a bit stronger than a bungee cord), put in a conga line and dragged almost 6 meters to not only set a new record (there’s obviously free drinks to be earned in Ford Fiesta pulling circles) but also to raise money for a cancer charity.

The most mind blowing part of this story is the fact that the Fiesta’s were pulled by a single man.

So this guy Simon Plant:

Ford Fiesta

This is Simon. He’s very handy in a breakdown.

…pulled the equivalent of this:

Ford Fiesta fiesta 2 fiesta 3 fiesta 4 fiesta 5 fiesta 6 fiesta 7 fiesta 8 fiesta 9 fiesta 10 fiesta 11 fiesta 12 fiesta 13

Ford Fiesta

Our hat goes off to this strongman for this incredible effort as we know from personal experience that pushing a solitary flooded RX7 a few metres up our own driveway was a challenge in itself and we’d hate to try and shift 14 of them in a row…

Top effort Simon!

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