The Virage in the car park oasis

A quiet day in the auction yard lot this afternoon (and that would probably be on account of all the truly tasty picks being glossed up inside – more about that in our next post) but still there was one thing noteworthy parked proudly – not a mirage, it’s a Virage…

Similar to my recent stumble over the Citreon in the same yard, again the auction house has coughed up a vehicle that I haven’t seen for a while in the wild er…ever. Well at least I don’t remember it. I’m sure I’d remember what a Virage would look like if I ever parked next to one, so I’m guessing I never had. 

As looks go…that boxy styling up front is very 90’s isn’t it?

Lights inspired by mechanics lunchboxes. 

It’s still got that sheet metal real estate you could build your next house on ala their Lagonda  and big wheels you could could convert into emergency life rafts if it ever throws itself off a bridge. It’s also an interesting mix of parts – The rear lights (not pictured) come from a VW Scirocco while the fronts were sourced from the Audi parts bin: 

Side on, there’s more of a 90’s Jaguar vibe going on. If a Jaguar ate nothing but protein shakes for an entire year.

Aston Martin Virage 1993
It hit the weights. With a sledgehammer.

What’s it like then? Well according to the Aston specialists, it’s rubbish. The reasoning of people buying them still is the rarity, the price in comparison to other Aston’s and the hope that it goes up in value over time. It’s still got a beefy V8 but the rear suspension was pretty substandard and build quality was poor. It’s not the quickest thing to drive or the best handling (at low speeds), James Bond never drove one and on top of all that, it drinks like a fish.

But this one’s in ripper condition, looks schmick in the metal and when was the last time you parked next to let alone drove past an early 90’s Aston Martin Virage?

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