Surely there’s an easier way than this..

The last time I attempted to do some filming for a YouTube clip in my car? It wasn’t pretty. I was recording on my hard working phone and without any stability, it was sliding all over the shop…I mean wagon. So in my ingenuity I bought some cheap tape from 7-11 and taped my phone to the instrument cluster. As I said, not pretty in the slightest.

It worked but I figured…there’s got to be an easier way to do this.

Thankfully I found one for just a couple of bucks. And it suits the Stagea perfectly!

First things first, the Youtube clip in question. Can you tell my phone here is drowning in cheap tape? No? I’m a genius!


Right, now onto the solution:

ROCK Universal Car Holder

I found this through the hard working bargain sniffers at Ozbargain who even coughed up a code to make the whole process slightly cheaper. So grabbing one for my wife meant all I ended up paying was just $1.86 US delivered to my door. Incredible.
It was through AliExpress which meant there was a bit of a wait but hey, for $1.86…

Push the button down, alligator like jaws slide open and into the nearest air conditioning vent it goes. There’s a locking wheel where my thumb is so once you have the right angle for your phone, you can lock it into place.

And for hefty sized phones like my Huawei Mate 9? Spring mounted extender. Sorted!

As I mentioned before, the black and grey color scheme really works in the Stag…being predominately black and grey…

From where I’ve mounted it for future map reading and possible filming again without having to reach for the tape, it works well.

Although it’s now made my LHD Stagea into a RHD version..

A couple of things to note

  • Your phone is going to be exposed to whatever’s coming out of your vents. So if you’ve got the heater on your phone might object (mine yells a warning if it gets too hot and shuts itself off.)

-If you have an older car with brittle plastics (my old Rx7 was a prime example) then you’re just going to snap the vent fins using one of these. Maybe try some tape?

-The weight of the holder alone will force that vent down. Not really an issue unless it’s sweltering and you need every single one of them pointed directly at you.

-Make sure it’s legal to use one where you are. Aussies, click right here.

Where to buy one? Or two?

My wife testing her’s out in the Lancer while my confused daughter looks on.


You can order this particular model through Aliexpress directly (could be a wait depending on where you are and sadly they’re back to their normal price – still a bargain though)

Or there’s plenty of different options available through Amazon. 

Disclaimer: No phone cradle holder company/maker is paying me for this post, given how little profit they’d make from these they probably couldn’t afford to ha ha.

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