Oh my Lagonda

And they call the R33 Skyline a boat…have you seen as Aston Martin Lagonda?
Up until a couple of days ago, neither had I. But when roaming the Llyods Auction yard, I spotted…something massive and elongated out of the corner of my eye. At first I mistook it for a Lamborghini Espada (something else I have yet to spot in the wild) but on closer inspection the mass of metal and cutting edge 70’s¬†90’s 80’s¬†technology (turns out this is from 83) belonged to an Aston Martin Lagonda.

A bonnet that goes for months.

With a size that dwarfed just about everything else in the yard (especially the FC3S Rx7 parked nearby) it’s a fantastic throwback to British boat building engineering and looks to be a hoot to cruise around in, provided you had a parking space the size of a football oval to put it in when you were done. I mean look at the sheer dimensions of this beast:

Aston Martin Lagonda

Yes you could probably live in there if you really wanted to. (Actually it looks far more comfortable inside than a lot of rentals I’ve seen…)

Big, boxy, regal, 5.3l V8 to cart you around while you yell at passing peasants – I couldn’t help but take a good half an hour to walk around the thing. Okay I exaggerate a little, but here’s a video journey from one side of the metal mountain to the other complete with suitable music:

How much this one with it’s 98.98% paint job would set you back is anyone’s guess but with only 645 made all up according to Wikipedia there’s a fair chance that being a proud owner of an Aston Martin Lagonda wouldn’t be cheap (I’m trying to get a current bidding price from the website but it’s being stupidly slow at the moment…ahh here we go. 15k so far but the auction goes on for another 7 days).

So anyone driven one of these bad boys and wants to share the tale?

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