Destroying roads for charity

I have no idea where they’re finding their prizes but I’m very impressed with what’s up for grabs in the local Gold Coast shopping centre charity raffles…

A mere 200m from my work..

Welcome to Broadbeach, Gold Coast Queensland, where the local raffles extend much further than just a humble meat tray..

A lovely shiny new Ford Shaker Mustang GT 5 litre V8 makes up part of the major prize in this raffle – but someone on the prize commission decided that wasn’t enough and decided to throw in $533,000 worth of cashable gold in for good measure (which will undoubtedly help with your petrol bills, registration and insurance for as long as you own it). Having only test driven the 4 cylinder turbo version of this red raging Pony so far I do have a hankering to hear this thing start up and take off (let alone put the boots into it and see what it can really do down the M1) but seriously, it’s a ripper prize all by itself. The cashable gold though it’s like two tonnes of icing that flattens the cake beyond recognition.

However if you thought that was a stonking great prize, have a look what we found a short walk down the road…

About 1 km down from work..

Not to be outdone by the shopping centre down the road, the much larger shopping emporium has decided that when it comes to charity fundraisers – they don’t do anything by halves. Last month was a gorgeous 1965 Mustang to be won (welcome to Mustang country it seems) however this month they’ve well and truly walked in with all guns blazing with your chance to win…a McLaren!

Yes for the prize of a raffle ticket you could be the proud owner of this terrifying McLaren 650S. No there’s no cashable gold on top of it, just plenty of twin turbo V8 to destroy your local highways with and join the motoring pool of the financial elite…or just leave them choking on your dust. Entirely up to you new McLaren driver.

Personally as good as this prize is (and seriously, what a prize!) I would struggle with just insuring the beast on a month to month basis (maybe if the kids went without an education or food for the next twenty years…) let alone get it up my driveway (my current rental has the worlds steepest driveway for some reason and on occasion my wife’s stock standard Lancer has almost bottomed out on on – the 650S would stand no chance.)

So maybe a ticket for the Mustang would be a better choice personally…

…I’m just not sure where I’m going to put all of that cashable Gold…

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