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The greatest race you’ll ever hear about

If you’re familiar with the film The World’s Fastest Indian starring the incredibly good Sir Anthony Hopkins then you’ll know of the rough time the character in the movie goes through while chasing his racing dreams. If you haven’t seen it, go out and watch it right now because it’s bloody brilliant and you’ll be cheering on his efforts the entire way through.

Burt, Burt he’s our man. If he can’t do it…it’s just not worth watching really.

And once you’ve done that, come back and I’ll tell you about one of the most badly thought out and incredible humorous races the world has ever cobbled together. A race so bad, it make’s Burt Munro’s trip overseas look like the greatest getaway holiday ever.

Actually I’ll do better than that, I’ll point you in the direction of three amazing story tellers who will do a far better job than I ever will..

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Oil stains garage

Getting oil stains out of your garage floor

Lets face it, garages are supposed to get dirty. Unless you’re rich enough to have a car wash installed at the front of your garage, sooner or later the place is going to get dirty and your concrete floors are going to get stained. It’s what garages were built for really. However with a rent inspection on the way for yours truly, I figured the rental place probably wouldn’t be too enthused with the fine collection of 5w40 I’ve been building up directly under the engine bay and so some kind of effort would be needed in clean up before they came calling…

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Italdesign Aztec

The Italdesign Aztec – please don’t look at your passenger

Back in 1988 a designer had a dream – a car where both the driver and passenger were separated by a wall and could only talk to each other electronically. Just like most smartphone owners behave today while in a cafe, while Instagramming lunch. After countless huffs of paint cans coupled with endless re-runs of the TV show Beyond: 2000, the Italdesign Aztec was born!

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Guess who you’re sharing the road with?

I don’t think there’s been a week on the roads where I haven’t seen someone chatting on their mobile/cell phone while driving, figuring ‘no one will see me doing this, surely..’

Surely not. Not after all those campaigns and hefty fines, loss of points, huge police focus..

Using a mobile phone or other device, like a Smart Watch, while driving can be distracting, increasing your chance of being involved in a crash or near crash. Looking at and touching devices at the same time is particularly distracting. -Vicroads

But if you think that’s the worst we’re getting up to when our eyes should be focused on the road ahead, prepare for a bit of a shock…

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