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Went for coffee, stayed for the cars

Amazing isn’t it? You go a quiet ride in the father in law’s project Holden HR Wagon for a quiet little jaunt to the local Holden clubs coffee meet up…and end up smack bang in the middle of a 450+ car show. Typical..

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All that glitters is not just an Apple smartwatch

We read today that the new Apple Smartwatch will be released here in Australia sometime next month and for those who have more money than sense, there’s an 18 karat gold version that will set you back $24,000 AUS.

Yes 24K to blow on something that talks to your iPhone. I too can do this and I’m nowhere near that expensive.

However if you do prefer to put 24K towards filling your backyard with automotive gold (as in paint color..), allow us to unearth some possible purchases a little bit bigger than something you strap to your wrist..

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