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From the cupboard part 2: I’d buy that for a dollar!

On December 19, 1969 someone bought a copy of the Herald and used it to line the cupboards in the den of spanners I now call my home. Whoever you were, thank you – as I’ve discovered a treasure trove of 60’s Australian automotive flashbacks! In the second part of our three part series we continue with a look through the classifieds, to find out what might be an absolute nest egg by today’s standards…

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Bargain Bangers Week 6: Caution, Suzuki Swift Sideways

A few years ago now I had the pleasure of using a 2011 Suzuki Swift as a rental car. And aside from the road noise (and the fact that some idiot reversed a tow bar into the front of it to the tune of a $800 repair) I really couldn’t fault it. It was fun, economical, very easy to drive and quite zippy. I’d happy own one (provided I had lots of smooth roads around me and stayed away from the tow bar community)

So would this week’s Bargain Banger from 1994 be just as good as it’s 2011 successor?

Er..probably not.

But hey, it fits the bill for this site!

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