Bargain Bangers week 2: Dealer special

Each week in Driveanotherday’s Bargain Bangers we shine the light on the best car we can find locally, within both our price and our range limits. Like our expectactions, both our limits for this challenge are very low…

It’s fair to say at the start of Bargain Bangers Week 2 pickings were looking a little slim. We did get excited when we stumbled over a 1989 Ford Laser TX3 but apparently the gearbox was shot which rules out the ‘must be driveable’ criteria (see the self inflicted rules below). There was also a Mercedes Benz 300se that fit our price range…but hardly any pictures to oggle over and barely any description which didn’t help. And we didn’t save any details of the Datsun Fastback that popped up yesterday as it’s gone today. Bugger.

So today we’ve gone with something a little plain that’ll get you from A to B (slowly) without too much of a hassle. A 1992 Nissan Pulsar Q! (And lets be honest compared to everything else found in our range on, it seems in pretty good nick for $500!)

Nissan Pulsar Q

Best condition banger so far (out of a possible 2)

Amazingly the Nissan Pulsar Q classified features all of those stock standard car features you’re well and truly used to since the 80’s blended into the 90’s all those years ago: Adjustable Steering Wheel – Tilt & Telescopic ,Cloth Trim, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Radio Cassette with 4 Speakers. (Come on, when was the last time the word’s ‘Must have a tiltable steering wheel’ or ‘If it doesn’t have at least FOUR speakers, I’m taking my $500 elsewhere!’ popped out of your mouth?). We guess the dealer had to restrain themselves from just writing – ‘It’s a Nissan Pulsar Q and it works, what the hell else do you need to know?’  (it also explains why it’s advertised on a free site – no advertising overheads!)

Nissan Pulsar Q

Not too bad!

Your $500 doesn’t stretch to registration or a roadworthy certificate (and you’re missing the point of this game if you think it did) but compared to the banged up and belted within an inch of it’s life rides we usually trawl through in Bargain Bangers, this has got to be best condition we’ve seen in an ocean of hundreds. And with 245,000ks and a careful eye on maintenance, there’d be a few more moons left in this humble Pulsar yet.

Nissan Pulsar Q

Not exciting but a bargain

Yes we know it’s economical and a prime example of no frills motoring, coupled with a color that instills absolutely no emotion in anything (even snow) but it’s not leaking brake fluid all over the back tire like the Renault 19 we found at the same price, doesn’t need a jump start to drag off the property like the $400 Pintara buried in weeds and you don’t have to be best mates with a tow truck driver to take it home.

We do hope we find something a touch more exciting next week though…(where did that Datto go??)


The rules are pretty simple in the Bargain Bangers selection criteria.

1. The car must be advertised in FREE classifieds (ie Craigslist, Gumtree etc). After all who wants to pay for an ad for something cheap and nasty?

2. It must still run. Just. So no ex parts cars and no half picked half cuts or rolling shells or write offs. If it can’t be driven out of it’s own driveway under it’s own steam, then it’s no good here.

3. The budget limit is $500. Therefore finding something exotic or remotely interesting becomes a real challenge…

4. The range is 500KM from your posting location. Who knows what you may find in your own backyard?

5. The same model can’t come up more than once. We don’t need an army of 1982 Holden Commodores.

5. You don’t actually have to buy it in reality. But hey, a bargain banger is a bargain…

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