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Lotus Exige

The humble beginnings of a brilliant plan

It’s a deceptively simple plan too. I’m going to come up with something that no one has ever even contemplated, make squillions of the idea, retire at 40 (roughly 1.5 years to go) and then I’m going to buy something stupidly nimble, fun and low to the ground to race around in to keep myself amused.

Something like this Lotus Exige perhaps?

Now the only thing to do is work out exactly what this idea will actually be…

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A Mini called Binky

Wow, where does the time go? While removing quite a few pipes, covers, plugs and bolts to change over my spark plugs in the Stagea over the weekend (an occasion that made me miss my 1JZ for the simple 10 minute job that it was) I realised I hadn’t posted here for a while. And what better way to get back into this page than by falling in love with a completely mental 1980 Mini who goes by the name of….Binky.

Yep, Binky.

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The greatest race you’ll ever hear about

If you’re familiar with the film The World’s Fastest Indian starring the incredibly good Sir Anthony Hopkins then you’ll know of the rough time the character in the movie goes through while chasing his racing dreams. If you haven’t seen it, go out and watch it right now because it’s bloody brilliant and you’ll be cheering on his efforts the entire way through.

Burt, Burt he’s our man. If he can’t do it…it’s just not worth watching really.

And once you’ve done that, come back and I’ll tell you about one of the most badly thought out and incredible humorous races the world has ever cobbled together. A race so bad, it make’s Burt Munro’s trip overseas look like the greatest getaway holiday ever.

Actually I’ll do better than that, I’ll point you in the direction of three amazing story tellers who will do a far better job than I ever will..

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Surely there’s an easier way than this..

The last time I attempted to do some filming for a YouTube clip in my car? It wasn’t pretty. I was recording on my hard working phone and without any stability, it was sliding all over the shop…I mean wagon. So in my ingenuity I bought some cheap tape from 7-11 and taped my phone to the instrument cluster. As I said, not pretty in the slightest.

It worked but I figured…there’s got to be an easier way to do this.

Thankfully I found one for just a couple of bucks. And it suits the Stagea perfectly!
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The need to Graduate

At first I was thinking it was a quite day in the auction yard, with nothing really capturing my attention (well there was a nice Monaro with sparkly paint that didn’t look too bad and a couple of rough looking Nissans – but nothing that really stood out and screamed ‘You definitely don’t see one of those every day!)

Well until I stepped inside and came face to face with a fierce looking graduate…

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Aliens VS Predator VS Ford

You can tell it’s race weekend here on the Gold Coast (that’d be the Vodaphone Gold Coast 600 for those playing at home) because my favourite auction yard have brought out all the toys in the toy box. And in the middle of those mountains of classic metal sits one owners homage to a bitter rivalry that not even an entire universe can contain..

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How to clean car mats

It’s been an age since I last gave my car a decent clean – and I mean more than just the customary quick spin through some heavy rain so I don’t have to do much type of clean. No I mean the lets get rid of all the dirt both outside and inside. Which meant the car mats would need some love. Something that probably hasn’t happened since they first got thrown in there circa the year 2000…

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A Toyota called Ed?

On the way to work the other day I drove past a very ratty rusty  looking Toyota I’d never seen before – on the back garnish/scuff plate/whatever the bit between the rear lights is called proudly displayed ‘ED’ in factory lettering.

A Toyota Ed? What the hell was I looking at here?


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