Wedding pants soaked in petrol – the book is out!

So I’ve finished my first ever book The Adventures of Almigo and right now it’s available on Amazon for less than a used spark plug!

Yep, after more time than I can remember collating, recalling, reminiscing, writing, editing, drafting, beer drinking and planning my first ever book is done.  So without any further ado, allow me to introduce:

The adventures of Almigo: One man, no plan and everything that happens along the way

In a nutshell it’s my collection of random (and sometimes slightly deranged) adventures through the last 17 years of working as a radio announcer . And if you’re wondering why I’m promoting this on a car site primarily focused on the fun of second hand vehicles, it’s because it also features a few tales of amusement with my varied car collection over the years:

-Attempting to sell my Toyota Soarer GTTL and because of it’s low price, having to deal with every idiot on the planet until it was sold…

-The same car getting me a little unwanted attention from the boys and blue who once confused me for a local criminal (and somehow confused the Soarer for a Supra)..

-Filling up my Rx7 at a dodgy petrol station and then stinking out a wedding with the fine fumes of  premium unleaded..

-Learning how to pilot a Monster Truck complete with methanol fueled 1600hp engine (and finding out why you shouldn’t let it sit there idling for longer than 60 seconds…)

-Driving a wedding party around in a limo that should have been crushed into a cube long ago..

And this list goes on…

Of course it’s not just car related hi jinks either – I also explore the one and only game of charity basketball I ever played that I messed up royally, the strange people who would roll up to my house convinced I was someone else and why one afternoon I suddenly found myself at the back of the radio station pouring live cockroaches all over a woman in a bathtub (I’d like to say that this was a joke but no, there was a point to all of this.)

So if you’re up for a good fun read (and one at a super low price at the moment), you can grab it now for Kindle (or Iphone or Android with the free Amazon app) right here.

(And if you enjoy this one, the next instalment is on the way soon too – stay tuned!)



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