Monthly Archives: September 2014

Garage gem – 1985 Subaru XT

Today we launch a new segment here at Driveanotherday: Garage Gem – the cars that have been hidden away somewhere for years, only to make an appearance when you least expect it.

And to kick it off we present a car that we’ve only ever seen once in the bluest of blue moons, the Subaru ‘Vortex’ XT!
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E250 – what does this button do?

So far in our car testing history, the highest level of technology we’ve experienced has been that lovely engine start button that really adds to the driving experience of a Toyota 86.

So when a Mercedes-Benz E250 rolled into the work car park a few weeks back chock full of the latest German engineering, we couldn’t resist the temptation to borrow the keys…and then spend the rest of the afternoon trying to work out (unsuccessfully) what every button in it did..

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