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Behold the bargain Baron!

Here’s a fun game – fire up eBay on your browser, hit the automotive section and marvel at what you can find near the top when you set your search for ‘Cheapest price first’.

Undoubtedly you’ll see plenty of Toyota Corolla Hatchback’s in there but you might just be lucky enough to land on one with personality, like today’s find ‘The Red Baron!’

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Bargain Bangers Week 6: Caution, Suzuki Swift Sideways

A few years ago now I had the pleasure of using a 2011 Suzuki Swift as a rental car. And aside from the road noise (and the fact that some idiot reversed a tow bar into the front of it to the tune of a $800 repair) I really couldn’t fault it. It was fun, economical, very easy to drive and quite zippy. I’d happy own one (provided I had lots of smooth roads around me and stayed away from the tow bar community)

So would this week’s Bargain Banger from 1994 be just as good as it’s 2011 successor?

Er..probably not.

But hey, it fits the bill for this site!

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The best way to sell a Barina..(or any car)

When it’s time for you and your humble Holden Barina to parts ways, there’s a few options. You can list your Barina locally in classifieds and even include a nice little side on picture to really get your phone ringing. You can put your Barina on the internet with lots of room for details so you can answer as many questions as possible. You could stick your Barina on the side of the road with a For Sale sign and a phone number, hoping for nibbles.
Or like we’ve discovered today, you can make an absolute epic video production about your Barina and expose it to the world..

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I will buy your car. I work in the Navy and can only use Paypal…

My brother in law is a cowboy hat wearing, boot scooting, ‘if it ain’t a ute, I want nothing to do with it’ type of guy who loves his Bundy, shindigs round a bonfire, sliding sideways through the dirt in a Datto and anything at all to do with Lee Kernaghan. He loves the land, carby fed blocks and steak and chips. So when it comes to confusing technical questions, he usually refers them to me.

And this time around my advice was actually 100% accurate for a change, saved him from getting ripped off in a dodgy online scam and has hopefully educated him a little more about sharks on the Internet.

I wonder what beer he’s going to bring around as a thank you for this?…

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Bargain Bangers week 5: The well built Swede

Usually with the low limit of a mere 500 sheckles that we set for the Bargain Bangers challenge, the odds of finding a car that doesn’t look like it lost a battle with a belt sander are pretty slim. Peeling clear coat, rusted panels and dents you could park another car in are common…yet what we’ve found today seems pretty clean – a 1994 Saab 900s. So there may be some hope for this challenge yet.

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